Roadhouse Rockabilly Sample Bundle


Hey cats and kittens! Can’t decide what flavor java revs your V8 engines best? Drop that jukebox nickel in our slot instead, Jack! We’re serving up the Roadhouse Rockabilly Sample Bundle – prime fixin’s for the wayward hipster soul!


1 – 6 Coffee Sample Pack

1 – Seattle Chocolate Bar (Your Choice)

1 – Rockabilly Roasting Co. Mug

1 – Rockabilly Tote

Ethiopia (Light Roast, Single Origin)

Satisfying bright beginning, followed by sweet citrus acidity and a clean, dry finish with hints of berry and floral notes.


Cloud 9 Espresso (Medium Roast, Blend)

Berry top notes, sweet orange-citrus acidity, smooth dark chocolate with hints of brown sugar, medium body and a clean balanced finish.


Guatemala (Medium Dark Roast, Single Origin)

Milk chocolate, red apple, caramel, clear lively acidity and malty finish.


Chop-Top (Dark Roast, Blend)

Raisin-like rummy fruit notes, a silky body, subtle acidity and a clean balanced finish.


Cascadia Decaf (Medium Roast, Blend)

Fair trade, organic and chemical-free. Compromised of beans from Indonesia, Central and South America, it is a clean, sweet, and balanced decaf.


Wheelhouse Bike Blend (Medium Roast)

Very smooth beginning, milk chocolate, berry, apple-like acidity and medium body.


2-Stroke Blend (Medium Dark Roast)

Sweet top notes with toasted nuts and chocolate undertones followed by a buttery smooth finish.