Guitar Boogie Bundle


Be-Bop Your Way to a Rockin’ Holiday with our Rockabilly Bundle! Give this to your number one fan, yourself, or take the whole hot rod crew on a cruise in style with the rockin’ Rockabilly Bundle!


2 – 12oz Bag of Coffee (Your Choice)

1 – Rockabilly Roasting Co. Mug

1 – Seattle Chocolate Bar (Your Choice)

1 – Classic Perfect Brew Pour Over

1 – Rockabilly Tote

Ethiopia (Light Roast, Single Origin)

Satisfying bright beginning, followed by sweet citrus acidity and a clean, dry finish with hints of berry and floral notes.


Cloud 9 Espresso (Medium Roast, Blend)

Berry top notes, sweet orange-citrus acidity, smooth dark chocolate with hints of brown sugar, medium body and a clean balanced finish.


Guatemala (Medium Dark Roast, Single Origin)

Milk chocolate, red apple, caramel, clear lively acidity and malty finish.


Chop-Top (Dark Roast, Blend)

Raisin-like rummy fruit notes, a silky body, subtle acidity and a clean balanced finish.


Cascadia Decaf (Medium Roast, Blend)

Fair trade, organic and chemical-free. Compromised of beans from Indonesia, Central and South America, it is a clean, sweet, and balanced decaf.


Wheelhouse Bike Blend (Medium Roast)

Very smooth beginning, milk chocolate, berry, apple-like acidity and medium body.


2-Stroke Blend (Medium Dark Roast)

Sweet top notes with toasted nuts and chocolate undertones followed by a buttery smooth finish.