Bigger, Bolder Sample Pack (12oz Bags)

From: $13.50 every 2 weeks for 12 weeks


Still can’t decide on your favorite Rockabilly Roast after trying our sample pack?

Our bigger, bolder sample pack offers six 12oz bags of coffee, one bag delivered every week (or) every two weeks. You can choose to get a bag every week or every two weeks until you’ve been through each variety; if you just like getting more variety you can stay on subscription until you want to cancel. The fifth week will be our Signature Decaf unless you choose a Decaf alternative for Week 5.


Week 1 – Ethiopia (Light Roast, Single Origin)

“From the birthplace of coffee,” this high grown, wet processed Ethiopian coffee offers a satisfying bright beginning, followed by a sweet lemon citrus acidity, and a clean dry finish with hints of berry and floral notes.


Week 2 – Cloud 9 Espresso (Medium Roast, Blend)

Cloud 9 espresso blend is comprised of beans from three of the largest coffee producing regions around the world. Each origin is roasted separately to a well-developed “full city,” then blended to perfection. The berry top notes are accompanied by a sweet orange-citrus acidity, followed by smooth dark-chocolate with hints of brown sugar and a crisp clean finish. This blend also makes a brilliant cup of drip coffee.


Week 3 – Guatemala (Medium Dark Roast, Single Origin)

Utilizing coffees from different Guatemalan growing regions gives this coffee unique characteristic of Dark Chocolate, Bright red apple, honey-sweet finish and excellent consistency cup-to- cup.


Week 4 – Chop-Top (Dark Roast, Blend)

Chop-Top Blend is comprised of coffee from both Central America and East Africa. Together, they offer raisin like rummy fruit notes, a silky body with very subtle acidity and a clean finish.


Week 5 – Signature Decaf (Medium Roast, Blend)

Fair-Trade, organic and 100% chemical free. It is comprised of coffees from Indonesia, Central and South America. The combination creates a very clean, sweet, and balanced decaf that works well with a drip coffee and as espresso!


Week 6 – Wheelhouse Bike Blend (Medium Roast)

Blended perfection! Highlighting arabica coffee from two of the most well known and loved regions in the world, Central America & East Africa. Individually roasted to highlight each origin profile then, blended to perfection. The fruit top notes and moderate acidity are well complimented by savory caramel with a full-bodied baker’s chocolate to finish the cup. Makes a great cup of drip and a superb espresso.